Hi, I'm NEIL CHRISTIAN OCO, a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Information Management (BSIM) and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). Recently, I passed the Real Estate Broker  (REB) Licensure Examination. I'm fascinated to create this blog because I want to apply my knowledge in Information Management and Law as well as on Health. 

This passion started when I purchased eBooks from the Supreme Wealth library which are very useful in all aspects of life (Health, Success Principles, Online Marketing, Business, Personal Development, etc.).

Most of the topics on 
health comes from my experience and training in Herbalife.

Also included are the travels, adventures and vacations of my family as well as prosperity principles, inspiring and love quotes which I gained from various training, seminars, studies and life experiences.

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My posts on the topic of
 law suggest that it is not purely for layman’s consumption, but you may expound the topics through the source, links or cases given. I don't claim to be an authority on this field as I am not a lawyer. It is a product of my humble research and study of law. This serves as my personal bar notes. The information provided is not a legal advice and it should not be used as a substitute for a competent legal advice from a licensed lawyer. It should not be used as sole basis in filing a case, instead, consult your lawyer for competent legal advice. I earnestly welcome your comments for any supplement or suggestions for any modification on my bar notes. See the disclaimer

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you….