An affidavit of loss is a written statement used to declare that an item or document has been lost, destroyed or stole...

An affidavit of loss is a written statement used to declare that an item or document has been lost, destroyed or stolen. The affidavit contains all the details regarding the particular loss, including the owner's name, reason for the loss, any information that pertains to the item or document and that diligent search proved futile and unavailing.

The following are the MADE SIMPLE steps; (PNP)

1.      PREPARE your Affidavit of Loss, state the following:
a.       Your personal circumstances. (name, age, civil status and address)
b.   Describe the item/document lost.  (Ownership, issuing office,  date of issuance, place of issuance, if any)
c.       Approximate date and time of loss
d.      Briefly state on how the item/document got lost or was probably lost.
e.       That diligent search proved futile and unavailing
f.        That it has not been confiscated by any officer of the law or the issuing office or agency due to the violation of any law, statute, order, rule or regulation.

2.      Have it NOTARIZED, either
a.       Notary public
b.      Government officer authorized to administer oaths
Note: Bring any valid ID or government issued ID

3.      PRESENT it to the concern agency or office



_____________________________ ) SS.

I, _____________________________, Filipino, of legal age, single/married to _____________________________, and a resident of _____________________________, after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and say:
1. That I am a holder of a school/company identification card bearing serial number ______________________ issued by _____________________________;
2. (State the circumstances leading to the loss of the ID, e.g.:) That I used to put said identification card in my pouch, among others;
3. That sometime on _____________________________, when I arrived home from work, I discovered that my school/company ID card was no longer in my pouch where I used to place it;
4. That diligent effort to locate the same had proved futile; (alternative statements: Diligent search of said document proved futile and unavailing; Despite diligent search and efforts to locate said document, I could not find it, etc.)
5. That said school/company ID card was not confiscated by the authorities of _____________________________ by reason of any violation of school/company rules and regulations;
6. That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing facts and to request for a replacement of said school/company ID card from _____________________________.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this ____ day of ____________ 20___ at ________________________, Philippines.
                                                                                                         (Signature of Affiant over Printed Name)  
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me, a notary public in and for _____________________ this ____ day of ____________ 20___. The affiant, whom I identified through the following competent evidence of identity: _____________________________, valid from __________________ to __________________ issued by _____________________________, personally signed the foregoing instrument before me and avowed under penalty of law to the whole truth of the contents of said instrument.

Notary Public
                                                                                                                   Until 31 December 20___
                                                                                                                   PTR No. __________
 Doc. No. _______                                                                                     Issued at: __________
 Page No. _______                                                                                    Issued on: __________
Book No. _______                                                                                     TIN No. ___________
Series of ________

DISCLAIMER: The author is not lawyer nor an authority on this topic. It is a product of humble research and study of law. It should not be used as sole basis in filing a case, instead, consult your lawyer for proper legal advice.

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