This adventure started with a dreamboad. A dreamboard is a visualization tool where you put everything you want to achieve or accompl...

This adventure started with a dreamboad. A dreamboard is a visualization tool where you put everything you want to achieve or accomplish in life.

I was motivated to have my own dreamboard after I attended the training of my mentor in Herbalife which was reinforced by my training on Attracting Wealth by John Calub last March 1, 2014. During the training we watched portion of the movie entitled "karate kid", wherein the master teaches the kid how to do karate. The moral lesson of the movie is to follow the master without any complain as the famous line of the master "wax on, wax off". During the said training, we were given an assignment which should be accomplished the following day - to prepare a dreamboard and to visualize it everyday during the time we wake up and before going to bed. We were taught to dream big, like a kid, without limits. Never to ask how and when it will happen but just to visualize as if we were already having or doing it. As student, I follow our master without any complain "wax on, wax off". I prepared my dreamboard without having a single thought on how it will happen considering the fact that I don’t have enough resources to accomplish the same.

One of the pictures I included in my dreamboard is to do white water rafting with my entire family. This is beyond my current budget but just the same, I included it.
Just last April 19, 2014 (black saturday) or barely 47 days after I prepared my dreamboard, a cousin of mine arrived from United Kingdom and invited my entire family to White Water Rafting. Whoa, is this true! This is happening! I couldn't believe it! But as our master taught us, "we should learn how to receive".

Cagayan de Oro city (The City of Golden Friendship) is known as the white water rafting adventure capital of the Philippines. It is a must experience.
On saturday afternoon at exactly 1 o'clock a group from Bugsay fetched us at Seda Hotel, a four-star hotel with awesome facilities. We rode on their (Bugsay) jeepney from Seda Hotel going to Brgy. Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City. But before going to Mambuaya we made a stopover at Bugsay’s Office for payment and signing of an agreement. We choose the beginner’s category. The payment for the beginner’s category is Php700.00 per head (adult/child) and Php500.00 for the pictures and videos of the entire group.

When we arrived at Brgy. Mambuaya, the team assisted us in wearing our life vest, helmet and give us paddles (bugsay). We noticed that there are stores selling rafting accessories and other items. My wife couldn’t help but to buy a shirt to protect her from the heat of the sun.

Our team leader named Reynold, gave us instructions and taught us how use the paddle before we navigate the wild river. We were told to follow the instructions for our own safety specially that we have kids in our company.

We were also told that in our almost three hours of navigating the river, we will be facing 14 rapids meaning, 14 wild waves in my own term (small ones are not included yet they will shake, twist or turn your raft like hell). We were so excited and this is it, a dream come true

While sailing, the cameraman was ahead of us capturing our hilarious moments while our team leader talked about some scenes beside the river like lava stones beside a big mountain as a result of volcanic eruption long time ago; sea corals beside the river, a manifestation that the place was once surrounded by seas. We have also seen a snake, snake skin and different kinds of birds. Sometimes river spiders are following us.

The river had calm spots, we were allowed to swim or float along the river for a moment which my daughter enjoyed a lot. We spent most of the laughing, cracking jokes, screaming and doing “high fives” to release the tension.

We also made a stopover beside a cold spring to shower ourselves.

Beside the river were priceless beautiful scenery, you will love the beauty of nature and appreciate God.

Some rapids were so wild but despite being turned and twisted we were able to manage our raft while the water keeps on flushing our face. We were like riding a roller coaster. I can't exactly describe the thrill, happiness and exhilarating experienced. The rapids might somehow erase your fear of water.  
Our team leader will call out the commands to “Paddle Forward,” “Paddle Back” or “Stop” to manage the rapids or to avoid hitting the river’s rocky walls. After getting though the rapids, we raised our paddles while shouting “High Five” to ease the tension. At times when the rapids should be extremely rough, we were instructed not to panic and simply lean forward. Honestly, you will not notice that you've been navigating the river for 3 hours already.

After almost 3 hours of negotiating the current of the river, we arrived safely at our destination yet we want more of it or should I say "Bitin". The experience was really priceless, memorable and worth to share.

 We bathed ourselves in their (bugsay) free shower rooms. The jeepney was already there waiting for us and brought us back to downtown. While in the jeepney we were talking about our unforgettable experience on the river until we reached Seda Hotel. We were so tired, exhausted and sleepy yet the experienced always brought a smile in our face. We survived!

My family is very thankful to my cousin Lorna for making one of those on our dreamboard come true. Now I proved and believed how powerful a dreamboard is. I encourage you to have one. Always remember, dream big, dream like a kid, without limits, it is free, don't ask how it will happen, just visualize it as if you are already having or doing it. It is just cut and paste. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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