TANDU LEGIS FRATERNITAS 30 Years of Placid Existence

The Tandu Legis Fraternitas , otherwise known as Tandu Legis, is a law school-based fraternity in the Philippines. The name of the frat...

The Tandu Legis Fraternitas, otherwise known as Tandu Legis, is a law school-based fraternity in the Philippines. The name of the fraternity is derived from the dominant traits of its members. TANDU means Talent, Ability, Nobility, Dependability & Unity and LEGIS means Law.

Started as a study or discussion group of the then first year law class of 1984 at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan College of Law, Cagayan de Oro City. It was founded by Atty. Noel Vedad, Dr. Bernardo Resosso, Judge Pablito Pielago, Atty./Fr. Eladio Anino, Atty. Edgardo padilla, Atty. Michael Flores, Councillor Roger Abaday and Art Guerzon. They called each other as Hermanos, which mean brothers. The fraternity was formally organized on December 4, 1984 at Atty. Emmanuel Delgado's residence, who was then the adviser of the fraternity. It was basically organized to help and assist law student in their pursuit of becoming a lawyer without discrimination.

Tandu Legis Fraternitas annually invites selected law students, who imbibe the core principles of Integrity, Commitment and Excellence, to be part of the ranks of its noble brotherhood. These select individuals are chosen not only for their talent, ability, nobility, dependability and unity but most of all, for their strength of character, in living with the high ideals of humility and friendship. Tandu Legis is a venue which will give their potential hermanos and future lawyers, the chance to feel for themselves the camaraderie and deep sense of brotherhood unique only to the fraternity.

Since its inception, members of Tandu Legis Fraterniats have gone through different areas in the practice of law and the three branches of the government. Membership continues to grow in numbers and has established chapters in Xavier Univeristy, Liceo de Cagayan University, Bukidnon State University, Medina College, Misamis University and Southwestern University. The chapters meet annually in a national convention held every first Saturday of December.

Over the years, the fraternity has earned a reputation in promoting camaraderie, helping members and law students pass the bar examinations as well as producing leaders in every field of human endeavor.

This year, TANDU LEGIS FRATERNITAS celebrates its 30 years of placid existence. 

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