Acknowledgment is a statutory act such that only those instruments that are required by law to be acknowledged shall be acknowledged; it...

Acknowledgment is a statutory act such that only those instruments that are required by law to be acknowledged shall be acknowledged; it is also a personal act such that it cannot be acknowledged by a person other than the one who executed it. (Suarez, 2007)  
Examples of instruments that must be acknowledged 
a. Deeds
b. Conveyances
c. Mortgages
d. Leases
e. Releases and discharges affecting lands whether registered under Act 496 or unregistered 

If not acknowledged, such documents will not be accepted by the Register of Deeds for registration (Suarez, 2007)

The person who executed the instrument is the one who executes an acknowledgment.

An acknowledgment is made in documents where there is transfer or conveyance of title to property, transmission of rights or manifestation of agreement of parties (fulfilment of a prestation to give, to do or not to do) 

Note:  It should be used only in contracts, never in affidavits or sworn statements. (Albano, Albano, Jr. and Albano, 2004)
Meaning of Scilicet or “S.S.” 
A: “S.S.” literally means more particularly (Suarez, 2007), to wit, or namely (Guevara, 2010).It is used to particularize a general statement. (Ibid)  

In notarized documents, it indicates that the legal document was executed in the designated place within that particular jurisdiction for such an act. 

The omission of “SS” in a legal document is not material so as to invalidate it. (McCord, et al. v. Glenn, 6 Utah 139, 21 Pac. 500; Guevara, 2010)



     PROVINCE OF _______________)
     CITY/MUNICIPALITY OF _______) S.S. 

        [3] BEFORE ME, a NOTARY PUBLIC for and in the above jurisdiction, this ___ day of _____, 2016, personally appeared the following persons 

_____________    _________________    _______________________
_____________    _________________    _______________________ 

        [7] Known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and they acknowledged to me that the same is their own free and voluntary act and deed [8] and of the corporations herein represented.
 [9] This instrument refers to a (title of document) and consists of ___ pages including the page on which this acknowledgment is written and signed by the parties and their instrumental witnesses on each and every page thereof.  

         [10] WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and at the place above written.   

Quezon City
Appointment No. ____
Until December 31, 2016
Roll no. ____
PTR no. ____, date of issue, place of issue
IBP no. _____, date of issue, place of issue
Office Address: 
Contact Number:
[12] Doc. No._____;
Page No. ____;
Book No.____;
Series of 2011.  

[1] Title of the notarial act
[2] Place of execution
[3] Date
[4] Name of person acknowledging the document (as well as name/s of the entity/ies being represented, if such is the case)
[5]  Competent evidence of identity presented
[6] Date and place of issue of the competent evidence of identity presented
[7] Acknowledgment made to the notary public that it is the person’s voluntary act and deed
[8] If executed in a representative capacity, a statement to that effect.
[9] Type of document executed and number of pages
[10] Notarial certificate
[11] Identity of notary public
[12] Details of the notarial register 
The author takes no responsibility for the validity, correctness and result of this work. The information provided is not a legal advice and it should not be used  as a substitute for a competent legal advice from a licensed lawyer. See the disclaimer

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