Congratulations Justin, We Love You

Right from when you were a little kid and till today, you have given us reason to hold out heads up in pride. We are so lucky to have you...

Right from when you were a little kid and till today, you have given us reason to hold out heads up in pride. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.
Time flies so fast, we can still remember the first day of your school. On that day, you don't want us to leave you in the classroom. Slowly you learned to be on your feet and socialized with your classmates.
Your precious childhood memories are always stored in our hearts – the little things you have said and done, the sound of your laughter and the sight of your tears. Those moments were so precious, how quickly they passed. You are no longer a baby boy. As we look at you, we want you to know that we are filled with pride of what you have become. Even though all of this has happened too fast, we are grateful beyond words for the happiness you have brought to us. We love you and thank you for bringing joy and laughter in our lives.
While looking at you walking on stage to receive your diploma, tears started to manifest how happy and proud we are of you. You made us more proud when you received your academic medals and ribbons. As what we have told you, educational success is not about the medals and ribbons received but how you apply what you have learned in school towards success and in your daily lives. Be that as it may, you have worked so hard for this, your serious effort have paid off and you have achieved a great success, it's time to celebrate your graduation.
You have hurdled another level of your education and is now ready to face another chapter. We know that you are now mature enough to take responsibilities. We are always here to support you along the way. Remember, no matter where you go or how successful you become, never lose faith in God. Always be humble. We, your parents, always think the best for you. We may not carry you now in our arms but we will always carry you in our hearts. You have given us so many reason to be proud of the man you have become.
You are starting a new chapter of your life. Always remember, you are God's masterpiece. You are loved, we love you so much – you parents, grandparents, sister and your friends. There's no one in this world like you. Don't let other people define you, just be yourself. Be who God creates you to be, not who someone else tells you to be.
Be strong and courageous, don't be afraid to choose the right thing even if your friends are choosing the wrong one. You will make mistakes, it's okay. Nobody is perfect. When you stumble, pick yourself up and get back in the game. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
No matter how bad the day, how mean other people are to you or how hard the choice you have to make, we are always behind you. We will always pray for you. You are a special gift. Our lives would not be complete without you.
Congratulations anak. We love you

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