One night, while I was driving the car with my wife, an idea brought up in my mind which I shared to my wife. I told her that "To...

One night, while I was driving the car with my wife, an idea brought up in my mind which I shared to my wife. I told her that "To Dream Is Like Driving A Car".

Before we get into a car, we should know our destination otherwise we are like a ship without a rudder. While driving, we don’t just focus our attention in front of the car, we focus much further into the distance. We are vigilant, alert and always on the look for potential obstacles or situations that could adversely affect our journey. We necessarily take a detour to make the journey easier. But we should not forget the importance of our rearview mirror where we reflect on where we have been, how we got where we are, and to check on those who may be following us. Long journey oftentimes needs rest and refueling.

Just like driving a car, we
  1. Should know our DESTINATION
  2. FOCUS our attention
  3. FUEL our lives with goals and plans.
  4. Put some ACCESSORIES on our dreams to add beauty to our life’s journey.
  5. Need spare tire to be always prepared for a backup plan in case of emergency
  6. Check the minute details of our car just like how we evaluate our capability and potential to handle the journey towards our dream.
  7. Value our HEALTH and take some rest, cooling down, refueling and check-up, in order to have vitality to continue our journey.
  8. Knows, when to accelerate to move fast towards our dreams; when to apply brakes to stop or slow down if confused and when to take it in reverse gear to step back.
  9. Encounter some events which are beyond our control.  At times, we may be slowed by obstacles (i.e. humps, traffic lights, inconsiderate drivers, flat tire or even scenic views).

      Similarly, on your journey to success, do the following:
  • Know your purpose or passion
  • Take action
  • Be firm on things you cannot control
  • Refuel yourself
  • Enjoy your journey

Finally, while driving alone gives us a sense of total freedom and independence, yet having someone on the other seat to whom we share our hopes and dreams about the journey gives us sense of responsibility and makes the journey more memorable.

Just like a car, life is at its best when it is out there. Dream Big. Enjoy your journey...
Watch this video. I hope it will help you achieve your dream.

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