Pilgrimage At Simala

One of our itineraries during our stay in Cebu was to visit Simala (Monastery of the Holy Eucharist). On a great Saturday morning, my f...

One of our itineraries during our stay in Cebu was to visit Simala (Monastery of the Holy Eucharist). On a great Saturday morning, my family woke up early and begins our journey to Simala. From Castle Peak Hotel we rode a taxi going to City Link Terminal then rode V-hire (van) going to Simala.

Our trip going to Simala was very exploratory. We passed by several towns and cities. It took almost two hours to reach Simala.

Upon arriving at Simala, we noticed that several people lined-up to enter the gate of the monastery. Since the monastery was still closed, we took our breakfast in the nearby store. Few minutes later, we were allowed to enter the monastery. But before anything else, my family bought bracelets and oils contained in bottles from the locals selling near the gate.

When we entered the monastery, we were so amazed of its grandeur and magnificence. A very huge palace in the making because it still undergoing some constructions and renovations.

While walking towards the church, we noticed several places where we are allowed to pray and meditate. At the entrance of the church we prepare petitions and gave it to the nun in the booth. You are also allowed to give donations to the church. Upon entering the church we were so amazed of its architectural design with religious painting. Everywhere you can see different kinds of religious statues.

We proceeded to the place that led to the church’s altar that shelters the miraculous statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While taking the line, we were asked to remove our shoes as we enter the sacred church. We also saw the cabinets that contained proof of answered prayers which includes letters, nurse caps, teacher’s pins, wheelchairs, walking cranes, books, pens, and many more. I chanced to read some of the messages in the cabinets which state that Blessed Virgin Mary helps them in so many ways like: heal their illnesses, help them pass the board exams, good health, happy family, success in business, peace of mind, and various miracles.  Upon reading them I feel Goosebumps and wrote my own petition to the blessed mother.

As we reached the back of the church altar, I can’t understand my feeling that time, we saw the beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When it was our turn to touch the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the choir sings the entrance hymn of the 10 o’clock mass, which surprised us. We kneeled and prayed so hard for her intercession. I tried to take a picture of her image but maybe Blessed Virgin Mary didn’t want to.

We then went to the church museum where we saw memorabilia of the monastery and the church including the great sacrifices made by the monks for the church. We have seen also awesome different kinds of statues of Blessed Mama Mary. The place is in itself a manifestation of her love, magnificence and Queenship. It was said that on September 8, 1998 (her birthday) the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary reportedly shed tears.

Before going out of the church, we lighted candles and prayed. Inside the monastery you can also buy some religious and souvenir items that the monks are selling.

We took motorcycle “habal-habal” to drive us going to the bus terminal where we rode again v-hire bound for Cebu City. It was a tiring church visit but was worth it.

Simala (Monastery of the Holy Eucharist) is one of the well-known religious places in the Philippines where thousands of devotees visit every week. Located at Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu. From Cebu City, you can either ride a bus from South Terminal or a V-hire (van) from City Link terminal. The bus would only take you at the crossing in Lindogon going to Simala which you would ride a tricycle all the way up to monastery. On the other hand, the V-hire would take you straight all the way to the shrine. You could also hire a taxi but that would be a little expensive. The travel will take 1 to 2 hours.

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