Distance Learning Program (DLP) Rules of Conduct and Ethical Behavior in the Civil Service Case Study #1 In our fast changin...

Distance Learning Program (DLP)
Rules of Conduct and Ethical Behavior in the Civil Service
Case Study #1

In our fast changing world and with the advancement of technology, modernization and development happens in many ways. With these developments, there is an increase in the number of people that lives or visits in a certain area which also creates influx of tourist. These aspects of development also results to various problems such as pollution in air, land and water. Today, there is a mad rush to build high-rise buildings and commercial establishments at the expense of destroying the environment. Largely, the beauty and integrity of the environment or nature is threatened.

If I were the official concern, I would have another group of chemist to inspect and investigate the place considered to be unsafe for swimming and to make necessary recommendation on its cause. If the findings state that the water is indeed polluted and unsafe for swimming, then I will launch a campaign halt any activity in the said area which contributed to the problem in order to clean the beaches for it to be safe again. I will encourage everyone to participate in this campaign for the benefit of the community so that the tourists will continue to visit the island without fear.

Furthermore, I will cause for the enactment of an ordinance or local legislative policy to govern and regulate the operation of all the beaches in the island. The ordinance must specifically provide for the responsibilities of the beach operators in the island in the maintenance of cleanliness and safety of the place and a prescribe penalty for violation thereof. The ordinance must likewise fix allowable fees and charges within the limitations provided by the law to generate local income which may be used by the LGU as one of the sources in the implementation its programs and projects. This presupposes the payment of license to operate, as a regulatory fee, in the exercise of police power of the Local Government Unit concerned. Establishments must conform to Health and Sanitary requirements and must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) before the City/Municipal Building Office permits the construction and the City/Municipal Engineering Office must strictly supervise and inspect the course of construction if all requirements have been followed. Through this initiative, the place will be restored and its income will be augmented as tourist will keep on coming on the island making the place popular. 

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